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Kudelski Security Intelligence Department

We provide you the relevant information to enhance your decision-making and stay on the top of your sector!


Devoted, Precise, Efficient

The main goal of our team is to help our client’s decision process by understanding its ecosystem through situation awareness. We try to cover the full spectrum of cyber risks threatening the client’s daily business.

We are driven by a proactive attitude, a “can do” approach, a solid team spirit that enable us to understand complex issues, understand client’s requirements and deliver valuable information in a comprehensive way.



Experienced, Multisectorial, Perseverant

Our team is composed of intelligence experts coming from the different sectors that our clients are involved in such as finance, governmental affairs, technology companies, international organisations, etc.

This multisectorial composition helps us to have what we call a “thinking and analytical added-value”, which enable us to have different perspectives on the same phenomenon enabling us to cover in the most exhaustive way your threats.



Swiss Made, Unique, Rigorous

Along with the advanced intelligence analysis and assessment methodologies, the Kudelski Security Intelligence Department uses Swiss made in-houses tools developed by the top IT engineers in Switzerland within a company with more than 40 years of expertise and experience in the business of technologies.

Our Researches and Analysts are also supported by our extended network in governments, cyber security vendors, academic research institutes and think tanks.

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