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This course will teach you how to effectively use the Internet as an Open Source Investigation and Research tool.

Through theory and practical hands-on exercises, participants will learn to conduct effective online investigations and efficiently generate relevant, timely and actionable intelligence by exploiting valuable open sources.

Our OSINT course enables you to understand the different layers of the web, learn how to navigate with anonymity and how to exploit open source intelligence.


Open Source Intelligence – The essential to investigate on the web (basic level)

This one-day course will teach you the basic concepts of Internet research, explain the types of digital traces left by a user, and introduce you to the fundamental notions of cyber threats and your own protection on Internet.

• Internet: how it works, history, cookies, visible / invisible web.
• Overview of the cyber threats.
• Protect your privacy on Facebook and LinkedIn.
• Basic Internet search.
• How to configure your browser.
• Investigating images: basic tools.
• Finding the owner of a website.
• Darkweb: demo.

Open Source Intelligence – Research & investigation on the web (advanced level)

This one-day advanced training course allows students to deepen their knowledge of Internet information retrieval through methodological tools and advanced research techniques.

• How to protect one’s anonymity on the web?
• Advanced search technology on Google and other tools.
• Research methodology: Intelligence cycle, data collection and management tools.
• Quality of information sources and methodological biases.
• Investigation of social networks.
• Darkweb and Bitcoins.
• Investigation of images: advanced tools.
• Investigation of emails, phone numbers and user names.

A wide range of case studies and practical exercises will be used throughout the training program.


Investigators and other research professionals, who would like to improve the way they collect, collate and analyze information from the Internet to generate intelligence. Past attendees have included

Government and private investigators
Police and law enforcement personnel
Corporate security professionals
Fraud investigators and lawyers
Risk mitigation professionals
Auditors and analysts
Competitive intelligence researchers
Recruiters and background check professionals
Administrative and diplomatic staff


Each course is 1 day. Training sessions can be delivered in English, French, at Kudelski Security’s Cyber Academy in Lausanne and Zürich, Switzerland, on your premises or at any other appropriate location. The curriculum can also be adapted to fit the specific needs of your organization. Our courses have a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 participants per session.

For private sessions, the duration of the course can be adapted to your needs; it can be ½, 1 or 2 days.


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Date Location Duration Level Language Price Remaining Seats
30th of October 2018 Lausanne, Switzerland 1 Day Basic English 950CHF 10
31st of October 2018 Lausanne, Switzerland 1 Day Advanced English 950CHF 10
14th of December 2018 Lausanne, Switzerland 1 Day Advanced English 950CHF 10


Included: 6 months access to our OSINT Portal with Facebook Tools & Kudelski Sourcebook.

For more details, see our OSINT training factsheet in English, en Français, auf Deutsch.

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