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With the increased use of social engineering methods such as phishing campaigns, it has brought this new attack vector center-stage.
Based on open sources information, social engineering campaigns have become more and more targeted and sophisticated which has made it harder to identify, and thus harder to protect against. During this session we will not only present social engineering attacks but also other threats that you could encounter in your professional and personal life.

Moreover, we will demonstrate the attackers point of view in order to better understand a malicious person’s motivations.
This course will also focus on how to identify you have been attacked and how to react appropriately to ensure your critical assets are secure.
Our strong background in the security field and our vast experience in penetration testing make our trainers highly qualified to deliver this course.


Information gathering
What are the methods used to gather information about you
What can you do? What should you avoid doing

Social engineering
How hackers use public information to generate targeted attacks
How to secure our public information

Physical pentesting
What can be done during a physical pentest
How to protect against this threat

IT Attack
How hackers get full access to your computer
How to protect against this

How to use it in a secure way

This training is based on methodologies and tools used by our security experts on a regular basis to conduct security assessments. This session can also be customized according to our customer’s business and assets they wish to protect.


The Kudelski Security experts will introduce five main themes that correspond to the new vectors used to conduct an attack: information gathering, social engineering, physical pentest, IT attack and smartphone security.

Not only will the attack flow be described, but also detection methods will be explained for the identification of an attack and the correct behavior to adopt.

The training will be followed by a Questions & Answers session where the audience will have the opportunity to interact with our experts.


The Kudelski Security awareness session is a seminar given by security professionals, and targeted for a wide public from the secretary to the IT Manager. Past attendees have included

 HR department
 IT developers
 Personal assistants
 Financial institutions


The standard course is half a day. Training sessions can be delivered in English, French, at Kudelski Security’s Cyber Academy in Lausanne, Switzerland, on your premises or at any other appropriate location. The curriculum can also be adapted to fit the specific needs of your organization. Our courses have a minimum of 10 participants per session.

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