OSINT Practical Exercises – Episode 1

Welcome to your OSINT Practical Exercises - Episode 1


In autumn of 2016, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was a victim of a cyber attack that led to the theft of confidential medical records regarding athletes. The Threat Actorg Group believed to be behind this attack is the Russian group nick-named "Fancy Bears". The goal is to searching, review, and provide information about this attack.


Which search engine can you use to get a global visual overview of this threat actor group and topics related to them?

1 out of 6

(Based on the overview you get from the search engine in the previous question,) please cite another threat actor group with a similar name.

2 out of 6

If you want to find an article from "Le Temps", a Swiss newspaper, about this hacker group, without using the newspaper’s website itself. What Google query should you write?

3 out of 6

Find an official statement of the World Anti-Doping Agency concerning this attack by using Google operator. What Google query should you write?

4 out of 6

Cite a hashtag related to this attack on Twitter.

5 out of 6

Find the potential Twitter account of Fancy Bear threat actor group.

6 out of 6

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