OSINT Practical Exercises – Episode 1

Welcome to your OSINT Practical Exercises - Episode 1


In autumn of 2016, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was a victim of a cyber attack that led to the theft of confidential medical records regarding athletes. The Threat Actorg Group believed to be behind this attack is the Russian group nick-named "Fancy Bears". The goal is to searching, review, and provide information about this attack.

1. Which search engine can you use to get a global visual overview of this threat actor group and topics related to them?

2. (Based on the overview you get from the search engine in the previous question,) please cite another threat actor group with a similar name.

3. If you want to find an article from "Le Temps", a Swiss newspaper, about this hacker group, without using the newspaper’s website itself. What Google query should you write?

4. Find an official statement of the World Anti-Doping Agency concerning this attack by using Google operator. What Google query should you write?

5. Cite a hashtag related to this attack on Twitter.

6. Find the potential Twitter account of Fancy Bear threat actor group.

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